So... What Do We Do?
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Storm DiCostanzo & Angela M. Webber host “So... What Do We Do?,” a podcast for anyone who feels like they want to tune into what’s happening in the world, but doesn’t want to feel terrible.
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    Headlines and Dragons Episode 2: The Long Road

    This week, the adventure of Goldang Oakentwig, user of news magic, continue, as he starts on the long road toward his home Citadel. Can he defeat Kobolds? And Goblins? And a Faerie? Can he explain Trump/Russia to his friend the Cliff Spirit? Let's find out!

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    Headlines and Dragons Episode 1

    This week, So What Do We Do tries something new—a D&D game! Under the direction of Game-master Angela, Storm's trusty dwarven paladin uses his rock magic—and his knowledge of the news—to fight his way through a dungeon, solve mysteries, and unravel his own past. Stay informed with Storm's curated headlines, and enter a fantasy world of dragons, magic, and talking mountains!

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    Ep 24: Dragons, Chewbacca, Moxie

    Storm & Angelaser take a trip out of the pit of despair to drink Moxie, talk headlines, and explore the Dungeons & Dragons world of Eberron. Get up-to-date on real news and fake dragon facts while these two buddies try to cheer each other up!

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    Ep 23: Picaresque Ikea Computer Christmas

    Happy Computer Christmas! On this week's So What Do We Do, Storm & Angelaser share their true expertise: the history of Ikea furniture, while Storm describes the garbage fire that is the (hopefully?) decline of the Trump administration. Also, we learn a new vocab word, and we love you. Check out Storm's Kickstarter for "Sidecar Astronauts!"

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    Minisode: Quick Icky Spiders

    This week Storm & Angelaser are in exile, so Storm is stepping up to give you a mini-news summary and Angelaser has a thought experiment about a water-noise-producing fox.

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    Ep 22: Tragedy Fatigue & Dog Costumes

    It was a terrible week. We talked about it. And we also talked about adorable dogs in Halloween costumes, because that was the best thing we could think of. Love you, folks.

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    Ep 21: How Far Is A Family?

    This week, Storm and Angelaser take a break from abyss-staring to talk about the President, the hurricane, and trying to be productive. We also somehow get sidetracked into talking about a novel Angela wrote in middle school about her dog, who was named after a computer.

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    Ep 20: Lizards and Tacos

    Welcome back to a full episode of So What Do We Do! Angela & Storm have lots to say. We have news! We have job application tips! And we have a phone call in the middle of the episode.

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    Minisode: Dog Trek?

    Storm is in the wilderness, here is Angela ranting about dogs

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    Minisode: Edwin

    We have been traveling and Angela got sick, so here is a tiny episode. We'll be back and better than ever ASAP!

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